Aromatherapy Inserts for Pillows with Removable Covers

Pillow Style
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Grab an extra aromatherapy insert to customize your therapy day to day.

Which pillows can you purchase different aromatherapy?

1. Eye

2. Neck

3. Small Huggy

4. Bolster

5. Solace

From time to time customers have inquired about replacement or additional inner bags. Perhaps you are undecided about which aromatherapy will work best for your situation.

Accidents happen.  A pillow may have gotten wet or damaged in some way. You can wash the outer bag and simply buy a new insert to update your pillow.

All Omni-Spring pillow inserts are made with:

  • 100% Cotton Muslin Fabric
  • Filled with Golden, Natural Flaxseed
  • Your choice of Aromatherapy


1.  Unscented

The natural scent of the organic flaxseed has a clean, crisp, and slightly nutty aroma.

2.  Breathe Easy

Essential Oils: Eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary, peppermint, clove.

Dried Herbs: Lavender buds and Rosemary

3.  Soothe & Relax

Essential Oils: Rosemary & Clove

Dried Herbs: Rosemary & Marjoram

4.  Simply Lavender

Essential Oils:  Lavender

Dried Herbs: Real Lavender Buds

Read more about our aromatherapy blends and flaxseed here.


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