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HUGGY PILLOW - Tranquil Aztec

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What makes Omni-Spring’s Hug Wellness Pillow unique?  Straight from our customers….

I use mine to help me relax and fall asleep – place it across my body and love the weighted feel and warmth.  Helps my teenager with cramps and my youngest with growing pains too.  We only have two in the house but plan to order another 1 so we don’t have to share!  

After a hard day of work, computer bill paying, then dealing with out of sorts 5-year-old - I was achy and stressed and exhausted.  I heated my HUGGY bag in the micro for about 3 minutes, poured myself a glass of wine and enjoyed some ME time.  Love the scent and use it nearly every day – especially at bedtime.

We love our new Huggy pillow! We got the peppermint and rosemary scented one, because it will be mostly used for headaches. It smells amazing, but also really & truly makes a big difference. Great quality fabric and stitching as well! 

 Bought the Huggy Wellness Pillow and felt it was high quality and smelled amazing. (Just Lavender) bought this as a gift but will be ordering one for myself.  I am in LOVE with my "snuggable" hug warm wellness bag - I have been using it every day after work, and while lounging on the weekend. My ‘never likes this sort of thing’ boyfriend has already ordered an unscented one for himself!! Great purchase. Thank you so much!


Customer Reviews

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I love the huggy pillow. I have severe cervical damage and I use the almost 24 hours a day. I only wish you had it in a large pillow size.

So Soothing

I bought this along with two eye pillows. I have migraines and neck pain. I can put this on my shoulder or the back of my neck and receive soothing relief while I use the eye pillow for extra comfort. I also put it next to my son at night to help him relax and sleep soundly.