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by Marybeth Bruns

Soothe migraines and headaches naturally

It’s getting cold out there!

Are you looking to soothe aches associated with migraines, asthma, and colds - naturally?

Our Sinus Pillow with the Breathe Easy Blend of essential oils and custom dried herbs is just the thing.

We use dried herbs harvested locally along with our unique blend of essential oils. (Our pillows come unscented or in 3 different aromatherapy blends.)

Because the closer the source, the fresher (and more potent) the ingredients.

Sinus-clearing eucalyptus, relaxing lavender, refreshing peppermint, rosemary and other herbs are combined with food grade golden flaxseed...

...to create the soothing and rejuvenating Sinus Pillow.

It's perfectly contoured to fit over the eyes, cheeks and forehead. 

The pillow’s light weight relieves pressure from sinus congestion.

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