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Aromatherapy Pillows




  • Aromatherapy Infused Flax Seed with Essential Oil and Herbs

    We use many different brands of essential oils.  Over time we have found a few favorites but have also discovered the region from where the herbs and spices are harvested along with different distillation methods makes each vendors essential oils unique and different.  We are happy to share our favorites in these signature blends.

    UnscentedThe natural scent of the organic flaxseed has a clean, crisp, and slightly nutty aroma. Nothing beats the basic natural aroma of unscented flaxseeds!

    Unscented is the best choice if you are unsure about which blend to choose.  Some migraine sufferers have aromatic triggers and usually have an idea which aromas cause the trigger.  If you are purchasing an eye pillow or neck pillow - you can always add a couple of drops of your own favorite essential oil to the inner bags. (If you are purchasing one of the other products - test the essential oil on a paper towel or tissue to see if is clear or contains color - otherwise you will risk discoloring your pretty pillow fabric 😅)

    Breathe Easy: Eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, dried rosemary + rosemary oil, lavender buds + lavender oil, and clove oil.

    Breathe Easy is the favorite choice for migraine sufferers.

    Peppermint oil by itself rubbed on the temples and back of neck has been a preferred treatment for the migraine sufferers in our family. 

    The combination of essential oil along with hot/cold therapy pillows really help loved ones relax and find comfort from not only headaches but other aches and pains as well.  Breathe Easy blend may also ease congestion and soothe aches associated with asthma, sinus infections, bronchitis, colds and flu.

    Soothe & Relax:  Dried rosemary + rosemary oil, dried marjoram, and clove oil.

    If you prefer a more earthy aroma Soothe & Relax is the one for you!

    Get ready to say ahhhh!!!  All our wellness pillows can soothe muscular aches and tension.  Soothe & Relax is a simple blend of clean smelling herbs combined with essential oils to help the aroma last as long as possible. It does not have a sweet or floral aroma - Soothe & Relax blend is perfect for general relaxation and restorative self care.

    Simply Lavender: Lavender Oils and real lavender buds.