Say it ain't so!!  That's ok, I understand, and want you to be completely happy with my designs and products.  If you want to return it, please notify me at within 30 days of purchase. Mail the product back to me and I will process a refund as soon as I receive it back in new condition.  Send returns to:  Omni-Spring, 1205 Evergreen Lane, Jefferson City, MO 65101.


Absolutely! Store pillows in a sealed plastic bag and place in the freezer for several hours. Chilled pillow can be placed directly on bare skin and conforms comfortably to the body area for optimum cold application.

YES. We recommend warming your pillows in a towel warmer and secondly by microwave. 

Instructions are included with all of our pillows. Larger pillows - microwave for 2-3 minutes.  It is important the pillow moves freely and does not touch the inner sides of the microwave to avoid "hot spots" or scorching the flax seed.  Additional 30 second warming intervals help create the desired temperature level.  

Smaller Pillows -  microwave for 1 minute and then for 30-second intervals until you reach a desired temperature level.  Again, AVOID OVERHEATING!

If additional warmth is desired as pillow begins to cool, REHEAT at 30 seconds intervals. Microwave power ranges from 500W to 1500W so heating times should be adjusted according to your unit. Always test before using.

YES.  There are only two ways to destroy a Omni-Spring Wellness Pillow - getting it wet or OVERHEATING! 

Our scents can last more than six months.