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Introducing the Omni-Spring neck pillow, the ultimate accessory for relaxation and comfort. Neck pillows come in a variety of vibrant colors and are infused with 5 aromatherapy selections, including lavender and peppermint, to help unwind and destress.

Specially designed to conform to the neck and shoulder area, the pillow provides weighted pressure to alleviate stress and pain. Feel comforted and nurtured and sink into the soft and supportive flaxseed filler.

Omni-Spring neck pillows also captures the many amazing benefits of heat therapy, providing moist heat to help repair and heal the body. The aroma from the essential oils will tantalize the senses into relaxation, melting away the aches and pains of daily stress.

Not just limited to relieving muscle tension and pain, neck pillows are also great for those with fibromyalgia or arthritis. And as the perfect gift that keeps on giving, why not treat a loved one to the ultimate relaxation experience with an Omni-Spring neck pillow?


  • Each neck pillow is filled with organic flaxseed, with an option to add a selection of our signature aromatherapy blends.
  • Removable outer cover makes it simple and easy to wash.
  • Can be used warm or cool. Warm in microwave at 30 second intervals, until desired temperature is reached, not to exceed 3 minutes total heat time. To use cool, chill in freezer until ready to use.
  •  Weight: 3.14 pounds
  • As always, made in the USA


  1. Unscented

The natural scent of the organic flaxseed has a clean, crisp, and slightly nutty aroma.

  1. Breathe Easy

Essential Oils: Eucalyptus, Lavender, Rosemary, Peppermint, Clove

Dried Herbs: Lavender Buds and Rosemary

  1. Soothe & Relax

Essential Oils: Rosemary & Clove

Dried Herbs: Rosemary & Marjoram

       4. Simply Lavender

Essential Oils: Lavender

Dried Herbs: Real Lavender Buds

       Read more about our aromatherapy blends and flaxseed here.



Customer Reviews

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Linda C (United States)

This fits perfectly and really helps with neck and upper back pain.

C. (United States)
Neck pillow

Have used my neck pillow for years, never take a trip without mine.

MaryAnn Snyder (United States)

Neck Pillows, Flaxseed Filled, Microwave or Freeze, Weighted Therapy, Made in the USA

Claudia Kehoe

I love the all of the pillows.

Mary Lou Trujillo (United States)

This was a present. I never saw it. I did hear from Mary, she said she loved it and it smells wonderful!