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by Marybeth Bruns

Snuggle up with our Fall Collection

maryAs we transition into fall - it’s not just the season changing, so are our routines.

Finding a way to bring balance & de-stress is more important than ever. You know the above is true...

...but the thought of packing yet another activity into your already busy day - makes you want to ugly-cry into your coffee.

When you're too tired to roll out the yoga mat, but you don’t want to Netflix and chill either...

...try screen-free Self Care with no set up.

Find a quiet spot & place an Omni-Spring Pillow over your eyes, chest or back.

You’ll feel a heavenly, gentle pressure relieve tension all over your body.

And don't even start me on how AMAZING they smell.

You’ll notice your sleep improves too.

Wishing you a peaceful fall.

Eye Pillows   Huggy Pillows   Neck and Shoulder Pillows   Sinus Pillows

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