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by Marybeth Bruns

Ease Anxiety with an Eye Pillow

What can a humble eye pillow do for your anxiety? A lot more than you think.

Sometimes the simplest things make the biggest difference to our wellbeing.

An eye pillow can be a powerful tool for stress reduction.

It’s all about the Vagus Nerve - which originates in the brain and travels down the torso. Connecting your chest, heart, abdomen and digestive tract.

The Vagus Nerve has an important job to do: regulate heart rate, digestion, and even your mood.

A light pressure on the eyeballs stimulates the Vagus Nerve - lowering your heart rate, signalling your body to relax.

A few minutes each night can make a big difference. So grab the scented (or unscented) eye pillow of your choice & set your intention to relax.

You’ll notice improved sleep, better mood, and less headaches - especially if you hold tension in your jaw.

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