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  • April 08, 2021 2 min read 2 Comments

    Omni-Spring Vision 

    Welcome to sharing our journey!

    I am one of the most private people you may ever know. So, sharing this page publicly is really stepping out of my comfort zone. Here goes… 

    Many times, throughout the day I carry on private conversations in my head…it is a good way to work out problems + I always agree with myself! 😊  Now I am putting those inside conversations out into the world to share with no one - except you! 

    You are probably too young to remember the Kitchen Klatter ladies radio program –  it was sort of a precursor to Facebook.

    Anyone raised in the 1960’s era might remember hanging out in the kitchen with your mama, doing chores and listening to the radio program called Kitchen Klatter Ladies. (They were from Shenandoah, Iowa – I have never had the pleasure of visiting but what a lovely city name.)

    What a fantastic marketing concept? – way ahead of its’ time!  As the preteen princess, I was back then, the program was super annoying!!  My mother loved it!!

    It was two maybe three sisters that did nothing but talk about their families AND promote their product, which was extract flavorings to use in your baking needs.  I know this ‘cause I have some of their (now vintage) bottles displayed in my home. 


    I have even seen them for sale at flea markets. They may have had other products too….🤷‍♀️

    They would talk for probably an hour long about how this kid was going to this great school and how so and so was coming for a visit or share their favorite Thanksgiving recipes which by the way – included those oh so necessary Kitchen Klatter Flavorings. They would share parenting tips, talk about their wonderful, expectation exceeding kids/grandchildren, Uncle Bob and Aunt Mildred’s visit and on and on.  Kind of like FACEBOOK today only a bit more one-sided.  Or maybe like eavesdropping on party telephone lines back in the 60’s – but I’ll leave that for another day. 

    So here begins my journey into mindless thoughts about whatever pops into my head and sharing with – only you!😍


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    February 10, 2023

    My mother loved the Kitchen K latter programs. I remember listening with her while she taught me so many kitchen and home traditions and how to raise a loving family. Also came to see all the flower gardens , not sure if they were in Shennadoah.


    February 01, 2022

    I listened to Kitchen Klatter when I was a young woman. Many happy minutes spent with my head bent toward the radio.

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